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We’re here to listen and advise, and ultimately, to help our clients and candidates perform better. We believe in being open and transparent with candidates, providing honest advice on how to improve resumes, interview technique, as well as career advice on specializing in a certain field or switching career paths.
Traditional transactional recruitment tends to deliver candidates in the active space usually by advertising response or database search. However this approach does not tap into the pool of passive candidates, ie candidates not actively looking for a job and therefore not on agency databases and not responding to advertisements.

To deliver talent we believe that we must build relationships with specialist talent pools so that we are able to leverage such relationships to gain referrals to not just the most visible talent, but to the best talent. At Progressive, we adopt a community focused recruiting approach which builds relationships with all areas of the talent pool, which enables us to deliver the ‘best’ talent within the pool by activating ‘A’ grade candidates that the recruiter has built a relationship with or has been referred to within the community.

We are also big on referrals – qualifying candidates by referencing them with referees who have ideally evaluated their work. In addition we use evidence based interviewing techniques to further qualify candidates, thereby ensuring our client receives the best available talent for their vacancy.


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