Recruitment in the current economic climate can be difficult, time consuming and very expensive. We will partner with you to understand your business and obtain a precise understanding of your requirements to deliver the most effective and appropriate recruitment solution, thereby saving you time and money.

  • Our consultants have an in depth market and product knowledge at a global level across all of the industries in which we work, and are trained and focused to understand the specialized needs of each of our clients.
  • Progressive is highly business partner focused – we partner with the client at regular intervals to ensure that we have a precise understanding of the criteria sought after in a candidate with regards to skill-set, ambition, culture and personality fit. As a result of understanding your business requirements we can provide honest and robust feedback at every step of the recruitment process which improves your decision making.
  • Advice and assistance will be provided with openness, innovation and integrity. We also provide advice on compensation strategies, facilitate final negotiations and prepare contracts of employment, which can be a critical contribution to the successful completion of a search.
  • We provide both retained search and contingency services, depending on the requirements of the client.

Retained Executive Search

Progressive specializes in retained executive search, which has consistently proven to be the most effective recruitment solution for specialized executive hires. The appropriate candidate in specialized hires will more often than not already be a part of a successful working environment, and a strong emphasis is therefore placed on ‘headhunting’ and ‘mapping out the market’, whilst ensuring that confidentiality and discretion is not compromised. We appreciate that upon approaching a candidate, our contact and behavior is a direct reflection of our client. Partnering with our client to intimately understand its requirements is therefore crucial in representing it in the most accurate and favourable manner. This impresses candidates with a current and detailed knowledge of the client and in turn enhances our client’s ‘employer brand’.
Retained search requires a more thorough search, often at a regional/international level. In depth bio sketches are provided on each shortlisted candidate, confirming the skills and experience the client has asked for. A detailed report of the candidates approached and the ‘market map’ for the required profile as well as compensation data on each candidate can also be provided in order to educate the client on what the market currently pays.
We have a 100% success rate in conducting Retained Executive Searches over the last 7 years and our client will know what deliverables to expect, and when – as a retained search and its deliverables are always set to a definitive timeline upfront.

Contingency Search

This is a focused service that combines urgency with professionalism to provide our client with a more flexible recruitment solution. It enables us to build relationships from the ground up, as well as take a longer term view on the market, thereby contributing to developing a long term relationship with our client. Our contingency search service offers the client a quicker solution for a more generic recruitment need.

In the current economic climate, an increasing number of businesses are finding that outsourcing specific manpower roles is proving to be a major help to both staff and management alike. Advantages include enabling managers to focus on their core functions as opposed to micro-managing daily staffing challenges, supplement staff during peak periods, as well as allowing staff to have the flexibility they desire. We can help boost your profitability and productivity by providing you with the right staff for the job.

Progressive Recruitment Specialists has a pool of motivated individuals with extensive experience in various fields – from support staff for call centres to postgraduate professionals, we ensure our outsourced staff have the drive and determination that we know our clients will require. By agreeing a Service Level Agreement in advance of any appointment, specific and measurable KPI’s are outlined which are then translated into a customised outsourcing solution that provides the best suited talent to fit the client’s needs. We pride ourselves in the process of partnering closely with our clients at every step of the journey to ensure complete satisfaction.


Notwithstanding my initial misgivings about working with a recruitment consultancy service again, I can now honestly state that it was my pleasure to work with Progressive Recruitment Specialists Ltd for the last 2 ½ years. I can honestly state that it was a totally professional experience. The Progressive team expertly managed the communication process between myself and the employer by ensuring that I thoroughly understood the employer’s expectations during all phases of the employment contract and made sure that I could comfortably meet all expected deliverables.

The team was available, accessible and willing to listen to and address any concerns objectively and with an amicable, solution-based orientation. Great consideration was also given to ensuring that I could comfortably devote all my energy and time to delivering exceptional service to the client and not be concerned about timely salary payments or other such administrative matters.
Without reservation, I would highly recommend Progressive Recruitment Specialists Ltd to other candidates and businesses.

It was a quality experience with quality service.

Thank you Pasha, Carolyn and the Progressive Team

Jacqueline Pierre

Progressive Recruitment Specialists can assist the HR function in your organization when there is an above normal level of recruitment activity. We can go beyond sourcing the right candidates for your vacancies and assist you with:

    • shortlisting,


    • first round interviewing,


    • dispositioning,


    • and closing of candidates for the various positions.


We have a tried and tested methodology for mass recruitment in short and focused timeframes, templates for mass recruitment, a pool of experienced HR interview consultants and subject matter experts, and a wealth of experience assisting clients in this regard. We can take the headache out of your recruitment processing when you need to focus on other urgent HR matters, or when the volume of recruitment is beyond your capacity.
We will provide you with:

  • the necessary support and infrastructure in place to seamlessly manage the process in three (3) phases : mobilisation, sourcing/pre-screening candidates, and interviewing & selection of shortlist.
  • tailored interview & competency guides, selection criteria and score sheets for your organization
  • an initial list of 4 candidates per position – who we will interview in the first round in order to deliver a recommended shortlist persons per position for you to then interview
  • a timely process in line with your delivery expectations
  • KPI tracking and audit trails of the entire process
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Our Clients

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