Client Satisfaction Survey Results July 2014


Your Experience with Progressive Consultants – Trusted Advisor


Timeliness of delivery on agreed commitments
Level of communication
Passion for providing value add service
Honest & robust feedback

Transparency & integrity
Level of consultants knowledge of industry & job
Provision of Market Information


How Would You Rate


Progressive consultants delivering value added - Going Beyond A Placement
Progressive value add delivered versus Fees
Effectiveness of the Management of the overall search process
Quality & Relevance of the Candidates




What would you say is the biggest value added by Progressive Consultants and the process

Access to quality recruits in minimal time, and a very good network of professionals


What would you say could still be improved on by Progressive Consultants and the process

Reach to International candidates


Would you recommend Progressive Recruitment Specialists Limited to another organization looking for an Executive Search Solution?



How does Progressive Recruitment Specialists Limited rate against other Search Firms you have used in the last year?

Better usually than others